Intranet Development for Baltimore Businesses

A Company-Only Intranet Streamlines Communication, Organization, and Efficiency

An intranet is a priceless asset for any business. Intranets help companies communicate, store essential files in accessible locations, and more with one simple system. Shared folders, intra-company Twitter, and other solutions can give you the solutions you need to reinforce your company's infrastructure and growing according to your plans.

At Harbor Internet Marketing, we know how to do all of that — and more.

Our experienced intranet experts have already built unique solutions for a number of companies throughout Baltimore, and they have all improved communication and workflow to help employees get more done in a day. When you partner with us, we'll do the same for you so you can stay a step ahead of your local competition.

Customized Intranet Solutions from Some of the Best Experts Around

We realize that every business is different and operates in unique ways. That’s why our intranet solutions won’t simply give you a cookie-cutter intranet system. We’ll work with you to understand your business's structure and goals, and then we'll create a system that is scalable and useful for your business.

In other words, we offer more than a one-time fix — we'll make something you can use every day for years to come.

Our intranet experts will build a system that is flexible, responsive, accessible, and easy to use, all to make sure your company can operate like a well-oiled machine. And when we're done, your intranet system will be able to handle the tasks you want with enough space to store five or 500 spots for your employees.

Once You Use an Intranet, You'll Never Want to Stop

One of the primary ways intranet systems are used is for document storage and sharing, which is an incredible convenience for any company. At Harbor Internet Marketing, we realize that document retention, sharing, and storage are important aspects of company communication and security. So our experts build secure and easy-to-use systems that make your files easy to access — but only to the people who should be able to access them. Everyone else is stopped at the door.

Beyond that, an intranet gives you the chance to streamline office communication. From instant messaging to company emails and even a customized social network, you can utilize dozens of different qualities to make communication easier in your company.

Unique Intranet Features Only From Us: Intranet Twitter and More

We’re always trying to come up with ways to give our clients innovate new tools for communication. That's why our experts created an intranet social network that works like Twitter so you and your employees can make announcements from your desk. This new tool has already helped other companies reduce communication errors and keep everyone informed with several of our other clients. What could it do for you?

Custom intranet solutions are great ways to keep files accessible and safe, but they're so much more than that. If you're not using an intranet for your company, you're already missing out.

Do you want your company to work better? Contact us today to start making your business's unique intranet solution!