The Advantages of Flash for Baltimore Business Websites

Using Flash Gets Your Company Noticed in Baltimore

Incorporating Flash into your business's website gives you the chance to add visual and interactive elements that you never could've used before, capturing a visitor's attention in a way that text or graphic design simply can't do. If you're looking to improve your site, you only need to ask yourself one question — why aren't you using Flash now?

Our clients in Baltimore love this part of our web service because it allows them to present their company to the world in a completely unique way while making a lasting impression on their visitors. But Flash is a powerful tool, and like all powerful tools, it's important not to go overboard.

When You Use Flash, Less Is More

Our Flash design services are all about giving your website that little extra something that keeps site visitors interested while retaining your site's SEO power. Search engines can't read Flash elements on a webpage, which makes it impossible for them to rank all-Flash websites, so using Flash for everything is a poor idea. But when you use it for just one element here and there, it can be a breath of fresh air for your website.

When you partner with us, our goal is to make your website as visible as possible on search engines while also maximizing the value people can get from your site. By making your website easy to read for search engines, but still providing a unique, powerful experience for users, your business gets the best of both the SEO world and the user experience world. The bottom line for you is more traffic, more conversions, and more revenue.

Flash Design Headers

Header elements made in Flash are one of the safest ways to add visually improve your website without detracting from your potential to show up in search engines. Usually, these headers are banners that stretch across the top of your website and introduce customers to your business, and it can remain permanently at the top of a user's screen so they can constantly access the rest of your site.

In our experience, a lot of clients like this approach — it's the casual, affordable, and low-risk method to improving your website's visuals without accidentally sabotating your hard-earned SEO. Flash gives your visitors just a little bit extra oomph without changing your search engine rankings.

Flash Design Presentations

Another way to incorporate Flash into your site is with presentations. Presentations can do everything from showcasing your best-selling products to highlighting the members of your company’s team, and they give you an opportunity to show site visitors essential information in an entertaining and memorable way.

Flash presentations can also help you attract potential sales leads by laying out facts and figures about your business. Maybe you sell the most popular budgeting software in southern Iowa, or maybe your consulting firm has increased sales for clients by 20% on average — either way, you can tell your site's visitors in a sleek, engaging Flash layout.

Going All Out with Flash Design

We're not saying we'd make a website for you entirely with Flash — that would be a bad idea. But we will make high-quality, engaging Flash elements that your site visitors will love. Local companies can especially use this to their advantage by maintaining a more attractive website than their nearby competition. Plus, because you're providing a great user experience, you can even improve your SEO with just the right amount of Flash usage.

There are benefits for nationwide companies as well, particularly those that are in high-competition markets. Your goals may be different from a local business, but you can still achieve growth and user engagement with a well-made Flash element. All you have to do is partner with us!

We can help you decide what level of Flash design that will work best for your Baltimore business based on your unique goals and needs. And we know you're on a budget, so we're happy to work within the means that your company has set.

The longer you wait to improve your website, the more sales leads you lose! Contact us today to start working on a Flash design that will help your business grow!